Subject : Servalan
Episodes : 6 - 51 : Current whereabouts unknown
Talent : Ambitious, ruthless, murderous

Servalan first appears as a very administrative figure, the Supreme Commander of the Federation's space operations. However, her ambition soon causes her to seize the Presidency for herself.
Yet when the role is ousted from her, she operates from afar under the guise of "Commissioner Sleer", plotting to reclaim her former power and prestige.

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Servalan claims that a lover left her broken-hearted when she was eighteen, causing her to become addicted to power. We do learn of her ambition from other characters, such as a former Officer whom Servalan had reported for treason when just a cadet.
As her growing psychosis seems to run parallel with Avon's, we soon see that she is prepared to kill without compunction. She also frequently uses her sexuality to manipulate, though is seen to also like being dominated, most notably with Jarvik in The Harvest of Kairos.
Left a virtual exile from her own people, Servalan is last seen attempting to break up a coalition of planets in Warlord. Absent from the final episode, it remains undisclosed whether "Commissioner Sleer" ever did regain her former power...