Zen and the Art of Blake's 7

Paul Darrow, Phillipa Watts, Mitch Benn and Alan Stevens
Producer: Martin Dempsey
Total Length: 18'43m
Original UK Transmission Date: 2/2/2003
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Trivia: The digital channel BBC7 repeated both Barry Letts audio plays - The Sevenfold Crown and The Syndeton Experiment - in 2003. As part of this celebration, some minor bonus features were placed between the plays, which were made commercially available for the first time in October 2004. Both plays, along with Sevenfold's interviews and these clips were packaged together as a three CD boxset. The programme clips featured here can be found across five chapters of the second CD.

The chapter lengths are as follows: 2'03m, 4'52m, 4'19m, 3'24m and 4'14m.

"The poor girl, tears rolling down her cheeks..."

Included on this site for the sake of completion, there's really not a lot to say about these additional clips. They're reasonably okay, and feature Darrow talking about the series alongside an administrator of the Church of England (Watts), a comedian (Benn) and the author of Liberation (Stevens). Benn's reasonable value, Stevens is fannish, as you might expect, and Darrow repeats much of what he's said before. As an extra in a radio broadcast it's worthwhile, but isn't enough incentive to buy the CD boxset, unless you really want Sevenfold on a format other than cassette.