Subject: Kerr Avon
Episodes : 2 - 52 : Killed by Federation Guards
Talent : Computer expert, robotics specialist, genius, psychopath

Avon was life sentenced to a penal colony after attempting to steal five million credits from the Federation banking system.
Bound for Cygnus Alpha, he mounts a revolt with Blake, where they discover the Liberator. Growing to despise Blake, Avon commandeers the ship after Blake and Jenna go missing in a battle at Star One.

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The most distant and cold of the crew, we rarely learn of anyone for whom Avon holds affection. We are told he has a brother, and a former lover, Anna Grant. However, of the crew he only seems to hold genuine affection for Cally and Vila, with his opinion of Blake a distorted love/hate relationship.
After Cally is killed, Avon appears to undergo a greater psychosis, often failing more frequently in missions, and undergoing a sexually-charged hostility with his nemesis, Servalan.
However, it's possible that only Avon really knows how he feels. Despite open hostility towards Blake, he saves his life many times. Yet while he half-heartedly claims to hate Vila, it comes as a shock to Restal when Avon attempts to actually kill him in Orbit. As for the rest of the crew, then he displays mistrust towards Jenna, dimissive disdain towards Gan's limited intelligence and outright hatred of Tarrant.
Eventually Avon's increasingly isolated and extreme personality leads to the death of his crew, and his own apparent demise.