Subject : Roj Blake
Episodes : 1 - 52 : Killed by Avon
Talent : Leader, idealist, strategist, activist

The man around whom all of the series' events centre, Blake is a resistance leader struggling to overthrow the Federation regime.
When he is lost in the aftermath of the galactic war, his presence is still felt throughout. After spending over a year searching for him, Avon is confronted by an implanted image. Believing Blake to be dead, it sends Avon on a downward spiral into psychosis.

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A natural-born leader, Blake assumes command of the abandoned Liberator after being framed by the Federation.
Although his quest takes him to many worlds, Blake often expresses a primary desire for the heavily-guarded Earth. It's this single-mindedness that gets Gan killed, and it's fair to say that after this event, Blake's leadership is never as strong again.
A hopeless idealist, it's Blake's almost naive trust in people that begins to let him down. Often outsiders will be taken at face value, and Jenna's loyalty is never once suspected by him.
However, Blake's growing fanaticism, coupled with his misplaced trust in Avon are what eventually lead to his ultimate downfall. Testing Tarrant with psychological games, Blake angers a paranoid, nearly insane Avon, who shoots him in cold blood.