Subject : Cally
Episodes : 4 - 40 : Killed in an explosion rigged by Servalan
Talent : telepath, freedom fighter, empath

A telepath from Auron, the Liberator crew encounter Cally on the planet Saurian Major.
Cally joins their quest, and supports Avon through Blake's absence, yet is killed on a mission in the tunnel complexes of Terminal.

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Initially quite mistrustful towards the crew, and enjoying a prickly relationship with Jenna, Cally soon settles down to be one of the more caring, sensitive members of the team.
As early as Duel, Cally seems to express a greater affinity for Avon than the others, possibly due to them both being, in many senses, outsiders. It's during Sarcophagus that her love for him is admitted, albeit via a host possessing her mind and body.
It's clear that after Blake and Jenna go missing, it's Cally that holds the group together. The open hostility Tarrant and Avon display towards one another is only kept in check by her slightly maternal nature.
It's also arguable that Cally's death indirectly leads to the deaths of the others. While he rarely references it, without her Avon develops an increased psychosis. It's this lack of judgement that causes all of their deaths on Guada Prime, illustrating that Cally's caring nature was one of the key elements in keeping them all together.