Subject : Dayna Mellanby
Episodes : 27 - 52 : Killed by a Federation Officer
Talent : Weaponry expert, skilled in hand-to-hand combat

After his part in the galactic war, Avon's life capsule crashlands on the planet Sarran, where Dayna has been living with her father and adopted sister.
When her family are killed, Dayna leaves with Avon, and swears revenge against Servalan.

Perhaps the most dysfunctional member of the Liberator crew, Dayna can be in turns sensitive, loyal and moral, yet aggressive, violent and murderous.
Much of this can be drawn to her background, with her father an ex-rebel leader who was killed by Servalan, and Justin, an older man who her father had trusted, implied to have taken advantage of her.
There's a sense that the real Dayna is trying to get through, and she shows fear in Warlord, and a love of song in Sarcophagus. However, her instincts constantly get in the way, particularly where Servalan is involved.
Her long-sought revenge against Servalan was never to be, however, as Dayna was the first of the Scorpio crew to be killed in the massacre on Gauda Prime.