Subject : Jenna Stannis
Episodes : 1 - 26 : Missing, believed killed
Talent : Smuggler, excellent pilot, devious, above-average intelligence

Blake first meets Jenna in a holding cell on the way to Cygnus Alpha, along with Vila.
It's clear from the outset that Jenna feels an attraction to Blake, though some of the others, most notably Avon, do not find her completely trustworthy.

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One of the stronger, more assured female crewmembers, Jenna was also, save for Tarrant, arguably the best pilot in the group.
Jenna's stern intellect make her a valuable asset, with her using duplicity to rescue the rest of the crew in Bounty. However, she also agrees to strand Blake for financial gain as early as Cygnus Alpha, proving that she is far from loyal. Although they resent each other intensely, it appears that Jenna had more in common with Avon than any of the other crewmembers.
After the Liberator is temporarily damaged in the galactic war, she leaves with Blake in a life-support capsule. Later she contacts Orac to tell him that she is on a cargo carrier in transit to Morphamel.
Ultimately Jenna's strong-willed and self-destructive nature appear to have resulted in her death, with Blake claiming ambiguously to Tarrant that she "tried to run the blockade once too often."