Subject : Soolin
Episodes : 40 - 52 : Killed by Federation Guards
Talent : Mercenary, fast-draw, weapons specialist

Soolin grew up on the planet of Gauda Prime with her farming family. A lawless world, she was orphaned at eight, and killed the men responsible for her family's deaths. When Avon and his crew meet Soolin, she offers them her services as she has grown into a formidable mercenary.

Soolin first meets Avon and his allies when her insane partner, Dorian, brings them back to their shared base on Xenon. After Dorian is killed, she joins them in Dorian's ship, the Scorpio, in a quest against the Federation.
While initially quite reticent to engage with the others, Soolin soons builds a rapport with Avon, and shows herself to be one of the more intelligent members of the crew. It is Soolin who devises Scorpio's weapons, as well as noticing key details that the others had overlooked in Assassin and Stardrive.
Sadly, however, Soolin's reputation as a quick draw fails her as she is seemingly killed, along with the rest of the Scorpio crew, by a squadron of Federation guards in Blake.