Subject : Del Tarrant
Episodes : 27 - 52 : Killed by Federation Guards
Talent : First-class pilot, knowledge of Federation systems and procedures

An ex-Federation citizen who had trained as a Space Captain, Tarrant was a deserter who was on the Federation's wanted list.
After becoming embroiled in the galactic war, he found his life capsule aboard the Liberator, where he joined Avon in his quest to overthrow the regime.

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Possibly the most arrogant of the Liberator crew, Tarrant's abrasive nature initially causes him to clash with everyone, save perhaps Dayna.
On two occasions he uses the threat of murder to try and entice Vila to do his bidding, while the posturing, machismo-led relationship between him and Avon ultimately leads to Avon threatening to shoot him. However, it must be acknowledged that Tarrant is also brave and loyal, if misguided.
After the Liberator is destroyed, it perhaps causes despondency in Tarrant, leading him to become more placcid and less temperamental. This also highlights Tarrant's naivety, with him displaying almost blind faith in Cancer and Servalan, amongst others.
It's perhaps this lack of experience which ultimately causes Tarrant's downfall, and that of the rest of the crew. After misjudging Blake, it's Tarrant's ill-considered words that lead to Avon killing Blake, and the subsequent deaths of Tarrant and all his teammates.