Subject : Travis Alpha 1505
Episodes : 6 - 26 : Killed by Avon on Star One
Talent : Military tactician and strategist; Former Space Commander of the Federation

Travis is an old adversary of Blake's, a man who ambushed him and killed his allies before Blake was captured by the Federation.
In the resulting confrontation, Travis's face and limb were permanently disfigured, with Travis carrying a built-in laseron destroyer on his left arm.

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The Federation begin to question Travis's effectiveness after five unsuccessful attempts to destroy Blake. In the episode Weapon we learn that they have sent him to a retraining therapist, which causes his behaviour to become more psychotic.
After two more failed attempts to kill Blake, Travis is placed on trial by the Federation. Charged with the murder of 1417 unarmed civilians on the planet Sercasta, he is stripped of his rank and sentenced to execution as a civilian.
Escaping after the Liberator attacks Space Command, Travis locates Star One, and, seeking revenge, deals with aliens to initiate the total annihilation of the human race.
His plan partially halted by the Liberator crew, while Travis himself is killed by Avon.