Subject : Vila Restal
Episodes : 1 - 52 : Killed by Federation Guards
Talent : Lock pick, thief, entertainer, magician

The only character to appear in every episode of Blake's 7, Vila first meets Blake while trying to steal his watch!
Vila largely acts more of a hindrance than a help to the group dynamic, yet his lock-picking ability proves to be an invaluable asset on several occasions.

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In many senses it's possible to argue that Vila is the most mysterious and guarded member of the crew.
While he appears to be superficially jovial and below average intelligence, it's identified on several occasions that Vila actually has a very high IQ and pretends to be stupid.
This can be identified in episodes such as Stardrive, where he feigns drunkenness in order to manipulate the other two, stronger males of the group.
It's also scarcely evidenced how sensitive Vila actually is. His affection in City at the Edge of the World is disguised by humour, and only in moments of drunkenness do his true feelings of loss and resentment come forth.
Vila is always more comfortable in male company (except for Tarrant's) and appears to have a special bond with Avon. However, this takes a downturn towards the end of their relationship, and Vila is the second to be killed after Avon's actions lead to all their deaths.