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The Prisoner's DilemmaThe Prisoner's Dilemma
Written By: Jonathan Blum and Rupert Booth
Published: 2005
Page Count: 327
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Guys, I ain’t gonna lie. I read this book when it was released, and enjoyed it, with minor reservations.

However, while I meant to type up my thoughts at the time, I didn’t get round to it, leaving just a few random notes on my desktop: “Working together” … “Kumars at 42” … “Rover and ducks”… “War”. There’s also the sentence that starts “To discuss the plot too closely would be to spoil it, so let’s just say” and then ends abruptly.

What the Hell it all meant is now lost to me, so until I reread it, let’s just say that while there was maybe a little too much pop culture referencing, this was a confident and vibrant first novel from Powys Media. Anything else I can’t remember, but look forward to the five further novels that are due to follow soon…