Updates, 27/11/2017: Since the last update, almost a decade ago, I accidentally let the starcops.com domain expire, and it was brought up by one of those companies that try to resell it for thousands. Quite why anyone would think a Star Cops domain would be worth over 3000 is beyond me, but please reset your links to www.anorakzone.com/starcops and don't give them any free site visits.
Since the last update, while the site has effectively remained as an archive, there has been the news that David Calder, Trevor Cooper and Linda Newton will reprise their roles as audio stories with Big Finish in 2018... and that same year a book will be released, with all proceeds going to charity. Both will be reviewed here, and, as it's the 30th anniversary, I'm going to complete all-new reviews of the episodes before the year is out.

Updates, 1/9/2008: The image gallery is now finally complete, with a selection of images for Conversations With The Dead uploaded. I've still yet to put glib little remarks under the pics for the ALT command (they show up when you put your mouse on 'em) but you can wait for that, can't you?

Updates, 14/8/2008: A brand new image selection for This Case To Be Opened In A Million Years has now been uploaded...

Updates, 13/8/2008: Check out the new image selection for "Trivial Games and Paranoid Pursuits"... only two more episodes to go!

Updates, 12/8/2008: Finally remembered to fix the link for the clip of "This Case To Be Opened In A Million Years". The clip is now up... also, look out for a new selection of images on the episode Intelligent Listening For Beginners.
Updates, 10/8/2008: The image gallery has finally been added - in part, at least - as well as a page on the DVD and a new review of the ninth episode plus a series overview. Look out for the rest of the image gallery soon...

Updates, 9/8/2008: New reviews of In Warm Blood, A Double Life and Other People's Secrets have just been uploaded.

Updates, 7/8/2008: Look out for new pages on Intelligent Listening For Beginners, Trivial Games And Paranoid Pursuits and This Case To Be Opened In A Million Years... more on their way.

Updates, 6/8/2008: A long overdue update of the site is now underway, with new reviews and page clean ups of An Instinct For Murder and Conversations With The Dead just added. Also, do a refresh on the menu and you'll see a new "doco" button that will take you to a page on The Cult Of... Star Cops. Look out soon for fresh reviews of all nine episodes, as well as long promised image galleries, DVD and interviews.

Site Back Online, 7/5/2008: Okay, I had to take the site down for four months as I er... couldn't afford to pay the bill. It was Christmas, what can I say? However, it's been three and half YEARS since I last updated the site. What happened to the reviews of the DVD and The Cult of Star Cops? A fresh take on the series? More interviews? The image gallery? Rest assured, when I find the time they'll be done. I hope. In the meantime, I've placed the movie clips onto YouTube, which should make them a lot more user friendly to view.

Movie Clips Added 28/11/2004: I'm pleased to announce that eleven new mpg movie clips have been added to the site this afternoon. For further information, look under the "clips" option of the menu.

DVD Release/Site Restoration: While it doesn't appear to be stocked in shops, the three-disc Star Cops DVD is now available and can be ordered online via SendIt.Com. Officially released on 8/11/2004, I'll use the DVD to make some new images/sound clips for the site, and have started tonight with the episode title shots. It's a feature-packed release, incidentally, and a full DVD review shall be coming to the site soon. After late August's server crash I'm pleased to announce that the site has since been restored (obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this) and all problems are now resolved.

Star Cops DVD Extras Delay/Star Cops.Com Downtime: The Star Cops DVD has been delayed by approximately two weeks to the middle of September, reportedly due to the extras being completed. Meanwhile, belated news of the extras is as follows: Chris Boucher commentaries (eps 1 & 9), Philip Martin commentary (ep 5), The Making of, "The Career of Chris Boucher", "Designing the Future" PM's Question Time, over 30m of discontinuous studio recordings, unused takes, behind the scenes footage, original intros and outros, trailer, miscellaneous information, extensive photo gallery, Radio Times feature and Starburst feature. By the sounds of things it'll be worth the short wait, particularly after how long we've waited for the series on DVD in the first place. The box set can be pre-ordered from SendIt.Com.

Unfortunately the hosting company for Star Cops.Com (and of the whole Anorak Zone, in fact) suffered disc corruption, meaning that Star Cops.Com suffered downtime on 31/8/2004, and may still have sections missing. Please bear with me as the .com (and all of the 'Zone) is gradually restored.

Star Cops DVD Release Date Set 8/7/2004: The Star Cops DVD is now finally due to be released, with all nine episodes on one package. No word on the extras (if there are any) yet, but after fourteen months of delays it's fantastic news for the release to finally be confirmed. The date for release is, incidentally, 30/8/2004, with a special pre-order price available from SendIt.Com

New Episode Reviews Complete 29/5/2004: Now complete on starcops.com are nine new episode reviews for 2004, as well as an overall view of tbheseason. Hopefully when (?) the DVDs come out more people will be able to compare notes...

New Episode Reviews/New Sound File 27/3/2004: Has it really been three years since I last looked at the show? New reviews are called for, and some of the fragmented, "listy" write-ups of the episodes could be reworded, too. I'll be working on it over the next few months, starting with An Instinct For Murder, edited and with a new review as of today. Also have a listen to the new sound file, an extended version of the theme, complete with extra verse.

NEW: Star Cops Forum 21/3/2004
I've launched a new Anorak Zone Forum as a complement to the Anorak Zone series of sites, including Star Cops amongst other genre television series. All visitors to StarCops.com are welcome to join, though as the mailing list has been going for so long (four years? Wow, time flew...) I've decided not to wind it down, but to put the forum link side-by-side with that of the mailing list.

NEW: DVD Release Update 27/2/2004
"I'm afraid we have received no other information about Star Cops. As soon as Network know anything they will let us know." Is it just me or is anyone else getting disheartened now?

DVD Release Update 12/11/2003
Network Video are still vague on the forthcoming DVD release, offering this as their latest response to StarCops.Com: "We have no release data and are awaiting information." Not exactly promising, but not quite bad news either.

DVD Release Update 27/5/2003
Network have confirmed to StarCops.com that the series is to be brought out on DVD, with "We are releasing Star Cops, but don't have a date yet, it will hopefully be before the end of the year."

Site Update 8/5/2003: I'm pleased to unveil the brand-new look of StarCops.com, made especially by the Anorak Zone's site designer Jonathan Boakes. Let me know your thoughts in the guestbook.

8/5/2003: Star Cops due for DVD release?. Network Video are still heavily rumoured to be releasing the series onto video. Still not completely substantiated, check back at the site all the latest details.