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Miscellaneous: For posterity I should note that this site was an affiliate of the SFX network from December 2000-March 2001. The reason why it is no longer is that advertising shortages caused the whole (original) SFX Site to be pulled. Still, nice while it lasted. I coulda been a contender, y'know...

Special Thanks: To Phil South, a writer for Computer Shopper Monthly. Phil gave the first professional magazine plug to this site with his article on hand-held computers. Obviously a big fan of the show, his article in December 2000, Issue 154 began with positive musings on the series and the nature of Box. A plug for The Anorak's Guide was included in the "Further Info" section at the end. Cheers Phil! :)
Also many thanks to Graham Needham for supplying all the great images of the 7"/12" single releases.