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Links To Other Star Cops Sites On The Web :

I've searched the whole of the web for Star Cops sites, and there really are very few for this oft-forgotten series. What's more, they keep disappearing, too. The Colossal Waste of Bandwidth, Timescreen, Transcripts and Martian Colony have all vanished into the ether since I last updated this page. Though there is a nice new site to compensate slightly.
You know what I really hate most in links sections? Those website owners that "rate" other sites. It seems so arrogant and unfair, like "my site's so great I can criticise others". But regretfully, I've had to do that here. Not to judge the others, you understand, but just to help the web traveller decide what's essential viewing and what's not. The wHom Guide and Star Cops Home Page, for example, are fine sites, but offer little more than an episode guide which you can already see here, so the need to visit those sites is less, you get me? Conversely, a site that offers a unique viewpoint, or an exclusive offer, as with Jill Proctor's site, is more essential, see? Anyway, I'll stop droning on, save to say "*****" is a must-see site, with "*" a won't really tell you anything you haven't already read here site.

Judith Proctor's Site :
This is probably the most essential stop for any Star Cops fan - Judith Proctor's Site, which offers the exclusive opportunity to buy Chris Boucher's novelisations of An Instinct For Murder and Little Green Men and Other Martians. Chris wrote the novels with the full intention of getting them professionally (as opposed to semi-professionally) published, and out in the shops. However, Star Cops being an obscure and largely-forgotten series, publishers weren't interested in a wide-spread publication of the novel. However, they have been sellingly steadily to the fan market, and reviews of both can be found under the Novelisations section.

The Star Cops Site :
Wwwzzzok is a member of the spin-off mailing list of, and has been building this site over a period of months, and has added a Chris Boucher interview, a Mike Kelt interview and an interactive story game, plus more. Well worth a look.

I Love TV - Star Cops:
The BBC's new section on the series contain six mpeg files, nine desktop images and a new Chris Boucher interview. I'm just in a mood cos they didn't give me a link... : have only a small write-up on the show as it's a site dedicated to IOWA Public Television's SF output. But they get a high placing here as they describe this site as "The best Star Cops web page is undoubtedly" See? I'm open to bribes...

Also check out the Thermal Lance Overview and T'liva's Den. Gratitude goes out to TV Cream, who have kindly linked to this site. The Cream's feature on the show isn't extensive, but it is an irreverent, and often very funny, site, well worth a look.

For a series that hasn't got a massive web presence, then The Mausoleum Club uniquely features The Radio Times' coverage of the series. While this is touched on in this site, Mr.Wolf goes further by including every single image, transmission credit, reader's letter...

Nothing wrong with these two sites at all, but the wHom and Star Cops Home Page currently offer nothing that any of the other sites don't. Meanwhile Official BBC Star Cops Wallpaper isn't as great as it sounds, being just a still from the series.

Star Cops Actors' Resumes would probably be a nicer idea if the Star Cops actors had actually done something other than Star Cops. Lastly, and for completeness' sake, do you really need to see a Review of Justin Heywood's "It Won't Be Easy" by a Moody Blues fanzine?? No, I didn't think so...