Ranked: From Worst to Best

From March 2012 The Anorak Zone has been running "worst to best" articles on cult television.

In order to make this feature more accessible, presented below are the archive articles of this feature.

Ace Of Wands

The Adventure Game: Season One
The Adventure Game: Season Two - coming soon
The Adventure Game: Season Three - coming soon
The Adventure Game: Season Four - coming soon



Budgie: Season One
Budgie: Season Two

Charles Endell Esquire

Doctor Who: The Patrick Troughton Era
Doctor Who: The Peter Davison Era
Doctor Who: The Colin Baker Era
Doctor Who: The Sylvester McCoy era


The Goodies: Season One
The Goodies: Season Two
The Goodies: Season Three
The Goodies: Season Four
The Goodies: Season Five
The Goodies: Season Six
The Goodies: Season Seven
The Goodies: Season Eight
The Goodies: Season Nine

The Incredible Hulk: Season One - coming soon

The Kit Curran Radio Show/Kit Curran

The Strange World of Gurney Slade

Last of the Summer Wine: Season One
Last of the Summer Wine: Season Two

Life On Mars

The Monkees: Season Two

The Outer Limits: Season One
The Outer Limits: Season Two

Orange Is The New Black (General Seasons Ranking)
Orange Is The New Black (Season Four)

Sidney Poitier Films - coming soon

Quantum Leap (Season One)

Red Dwarf (General Seasons Ranking)
Red Dwarf (Season XI)


The Sandbaggers

Star Trek The Next Generation: Season Six - coming soon

Star Wars

Steptoe and Son

The Sweeney: Season One
The Sweeney: Season Two
The Sweeney: Season Three
The Sweeney: Season Four

The Tomorrow People

The Twilight Zone (2002 Season)


The Wire - coming soon

The X-Files mini series

The Young Ones