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Blake's :
The official Blake's 7 site, run by the current rights holders, B7 Enterprises. Certainly controversial at present, but look under the Links section and read this about The 'Zone: "Of all the unofficial fan sites this is our personal favourite." What can I say? :) [Now currently a holding page only] :
The personal site of the director of The Way Back, The Web, Project Avalon and Deliverance.

Animals - Not A Turkey :
One of my favourite B7 sites, a very humorous and engaging work from Una McCormack. I'm a big supporter of the "Animals isn't the worst episode of Blake's 7" theory, and this site sets out to prove it.

Paul James's Blake's 7 Pages :
Paul James holds the collection of the best Blake's images on the net, with nearly 300 images. Not only that, but he also has his own bizarrely-calculated reviews, which allow Headhunter to be the most highly-rated B7 episode!

The Travis Dossier :
One of the nicest-looking B7 sites on the web doesn't just feature Travis, but also some puzzle games, spotlights on Avon, Soolin (she got a big ass!) and plenty more...

Blake's 7 Reviews :
This isn't the prettiest Blake site on the net, and as it's housed on Geocities you also have pop-ups to endure. But with its individual, irreverent reviewing style I really think you should give this one a go...

Blake's 7 Guide :
A nice resource site for the show, with some original artwork. They also make a stand on season four - by refusing to feature it.

Louise and Simon's Blake's 7 Fan Site :
The home of Wobblevision, plus some games and competitions.

Related links :

XXv Productions :
Artists and designers behind this very site, who also create wonderfully atmospheric Adventure games for the PC. Highly recommended...