2019: This Blake's 7 site is no longer activity updated. This isn't because we no longer love Blake's 7 here at The Anorak Zone, but because there simply wasn't time.

As a result, the various merchandise reviews of magazines, toys and audios only go up to 2008, and, as an old site, some of the various features may be outdated on modern browsers.

Maybe one day a huge update will take place, but in the meantime, here's why this site is still worth your time, a decade on:

Exclusive Interviews: Chris Boucher, Michael Keating, Trevor Hoyle and Michael E. Briant are just some of the people who kindly gave their time to speak to the site.

Original Games: A decade on, and some of these games may look a little "old school" in the modern age, but isn't that part of the charm? See if you can boot up Shockwave for some shoot-em-ups, puzzle games and more.

Merchandise: A look at the merchandise released during the first three decades of the series' existence, including a full guide to the various magazines, audios and novels.

Image Bank: Over 650 images from the series, often with some childish and rude hidden text comments underneath.

Original Desktop Backgrounds: Some exclusive computer art for your desktops.

Although the episode guide had full cast and crew lists, trivia and more, some of the reviews did feel a bit... juvenile... all these years later. Which is probably to be expected for reviews that were written 17 years ago. However, they WILL return, possibly with all-new reviews, but, for now, they've been (temporarily) mothballed.