Soolin's Quick Draw Challenge : Do you have what it takes to defeat the Federation?
Soolin thought so. Let us see how YOU do....
Type : Shockwave shoot 'em' up

Avon's Countdown Conundrum : A bomb ticks away on Planet Albian. Diffuse it or die....
Type : Shockwave brain strainer

Jenna's Liberator Showdown : Steer the Liberator through enemy ships on the very edge of our galaxy! Go on, run the blockades one last time!
Type : Shockwave sci-fi invaders action!!

Vila's Gambit Gamble : No help from Orac I'm afraid, you're in Freedom City alone!
Type : Shockwave Mastermind, in The Spinning Wheel...

Cally's Sensual Sensations : Let this child of Auron tell you your future, if any!
Java based predictions, no plug-ins needed.

B7 : Liberation : Great Demo of a freeware game in development, fly the Liberator, chat to Vila, blast pursuit ships. By Johnny Wood & Jason Slater.
Sadly, the project seems to be abandoned, but you can still see the plans and demo via this "wayback" archive page.