Dance of the Dead

Free For All


The Chimes of
Big Ben

Many Happy Returns

Hammer Into Anvil

The Schizoid Man

The General

A. B. and C.

It's Your Funeral

A Change of Mind

Do Not Forsake Me
Oh My Darling

Living In Harmony

The Girl Who Was Death

Once Upon A Time

Fall Out

Unmade Episodes


Welcome to the episode section of The Anorak's Guide to The Prisoner

This guide assumes you've already seen the series, so the guides contain detailed descriptions of plots and characters. The only liberty I have taken with the Anorak tribute to this series is in the order I present the episodes. Famously, the order in which the episodes were screened were based upon the order they were completed. The Anorak's Guide to the episodes is presented in a carefully-worked out, logical "order" to improve viewing enjoyment...

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