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The Chimes of
Big Ben

Many Happy Returns

Hammer Into Anvil

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It's Your Funeral

A Change of Mind

Do Not Forsake Me
Oh My Darling

Living In Harmony

The Girl Who Was Death

Once Upon A Time

Fall Out

Unmade Episodes


Spoofs and Rarities

A few Prisoner spoofs and special programmes have been made over the years. In this section we’ll look back over them..

Title: Renault 21 Advert
Transmission Date: 1987
Length: 1’07m
Available from: Amazon
Viewpoint: A very popular and well-remembered advertisement for a new car range that featured recreations of No.2’s control room and the Village, as well as use of music from the series. Several Rovers try and capture “No.21”, but can never keep up with him in his new Renault.

Title: The Laughing Prisoner
Transmission Date: 3/4/1987
Writer: Stephen Fry, Jools Holland, Hugh Laurie and Rowland Rivron
Director: Chris Gabrin and Geoff Wonfor
Available from: Currently Unavailable
Viewpoint: Pending

Title: The Prisoner Video Companion
Transmission Date: N/A
Length: 48’23m
Available from: Amazon
Viewpoint: A pleasant enough straight-to-video presentation for the US market that offers an overview of the series and its themes. As it reveals every secret about the show, including the identity of No.1, then it’s not something that could appeal to new audiences that hadn’t seen the show before. Conversely, if you had seen the series then there’d be no real need to watch this, meaning it doesn’t really have a target audience at all. This said, it’s a likeable enough overview that really does no harm to anyone.

Title: For The Love Of…
Transmission Date: N/A
Length: 6’20m
Available from: Amazon
Viewpoint: A short feature in a series about money and collecting – with all the inherent interest that implies – this really isn’t such a bad little feature at heart. What ruins is slightly is the undeniably irritating voiceover throughout, but it’s worth a look.

Title: The Simpsons: The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
Transmission Date: 26/11/2000
Writer: John Swartzwelder
Director: Mark Kirkland
Availble from: Currently Unavailable
Viewpoint: By this stage in The Simpsons the programme had been running for eleven years and was in its twelfth season. While it’s fair to say that the show had once been a valid social satire, it’s also perhaps fair to say that it increasingly lost its inspiration and bite. So after over 250 episodes, Homer getting gassed and being taken to “The Island” is humorous, but a little flat. The final third concerns the spoof of the series, with McGoohan reprising the role of No.6 and Homer bursting Rover with a fork. This was actually the third time the show had been referenced in The Simpsons. The first season episode Krusty Gets Busted had a spoof of the closing title sequence, while the ninth season’s The Joy of Sect had Marge escaping as a parody of the show.